About us

The history of Peplinski & Banaszewski began in 1992. Since then, we have specialised in the storage and sales of wood: high-quality sawn timber and veneer. Our wide range of offerings includes European, American, as well as exotic woods. As an experienced supplier, we provide wood for large furniture, door, flooring and stair production plants and smaller carpentry workshops across Poland and Europe.
Our sawn timber and veneer storage facility in Jarocin (80km/50mi. from Poznań) is always stocked with about 2,000 m3 of dry wood. Our company’s permanent product line-up includes a wide range of sawn timber available in various thicknesses. Besides oak, sycamore, alder or ash, we offer American walnut, wild cherry, maple, as well as exotic woods. Our reliability and high quality of the services provided have earned us the trust of numerous clients.

At Peplinski & Banaszewski Timber Yard, we are looking forward to cooperating with you.

About our wood storage facility

Our wood storage facility is located in Jarocin, near Poznań. It is a dry, heated warehouse where we stock sawn timber, veneers and exotic woods for sale, making every effort to keep it safe.
In order to keep the moisture of the wood at 8-10%, we have had the roof and walls replaced and insulated. The ~2,500 m2 facility is also equipped with new flooring and the entire truck yard is paved and lit. A canopy in front of the warehouse gate prevents the wood from becoming soaked during loading.
We stock material in accordance with our clients’ needs in order to be able to fulfil each order immediately.

All the goods have to pass an initial quality control performed by our qualified employees, who assess technical parameters such as:

  • moisture level
  • constant thickness
  • correct measurement

Thanks to our professional approach, we are able to offer high-quality dry sawn timber, including premium sawn oak and walnut timber, as well as exotic woods.
An experienced quality controller keeps an eye on the quality grading of our sawn timber and exotic wood, ensuring that they are properly sorted. We are therefore able to guarantee that the products we sell are of the highest quality. The consistency of wood grades is our priority, which is appreciated by the customers who purchase from us regularly.
Our sales department, operating in a newly-built office building, efficiently and competently responds to each inquiry and remains at our Clients’ disposal even outside of regular working hours. We are known for our reliability, friendly disposition, sense of humour and professional service.
We have modern devices that measure the moisture level of the stored goods and adequate equipment for grading, packaging and loading the wood. Our new forklifts allow us to quickly and efficiently serve multiple clients at the same time.
Sawn oak timber

The most noble European product in our range of woods.

Sawn oak timber is currently in very high demand, valued for its aesthetic and technical properties. These characteristics also contribute to its high price. The material sourced by us is properly obtained outside of the growing season, properly milled, laid on dry spacers, seasoned, dried and exposed.
This way, we are able to avoid unnecessary stains and cracks that might reduce the value of sawn oak timber. Our modern wood storage facility guarantees compliance with these standards.
Sawn walnut timber

American walnut has become very fashionable in recent years.

Its beautiful, dark colour and a texture full of contrasts grace many luxurious interiors. We offer timber in thicknesses ranging from 26 mm to 65 mm as edged and unedged (boules) dry sawn timber.
Edged timber from the USA is shipped in the following grades: Prime, FAS, 1 Common and 2 Common. Boules (logs) are offered in 2 grades: Prime and AB. This allows us to make even the most elaborate projects a reality and make your dreams come true.
Exotic wood

Exotic wood can enrich our surroundings with its diversity. It is characterised by its extraordinary hardness and resistance to external factors.

Not only these characteristics, but also the rich colours and unique scents are advantages that make this beautiful material a good choice for the production of furniture, woodwork and flooring. Exotic woods are also often used outdoors, to finish terraces and façades or make garden furniture. They are irreplaceable for sauna and yacht manufacturers. After all, everyone knows the advantages of teak, sapele, iroko or rosewood.

Natural veneers are a material for those who appreciate nature and know their customers’ tastes.

Even the most elaborate fantasies can be brought to life with respect for the tree as a gift of nature. After all, this technology makes it possible to manufacture incomparably larger quantities of furniture, doors or flooring from one log than in the case of solid wood. The variety of colours and textures is also much greater. The lower price of veneer furniture makes the abundance of forms of surface finish available to a much wider base of clients. The freedom to arrange veneer sheets in any way possible and use intarsia veneering makes it possible to create true works of applied art. We recommend veneers from the renowned manufacturer Fritz Kohl, who are broadening their already wide product range by adding smoked, rough-cut and dyed (TruColor) veneers.

Peplinski & Banaszewski
Timber Yard

Peplinski & Banaszewski began trading in wood in 1992. In the early years of our company, we specialised in exporting high-grade logs and sawn timber of the following species:
  • oak
  • beech
  • sycamore
  • ash
  • alder
  • birch
  • pine
After several years, we decided to open a regular timber and veneer yard with a warehouse in Jarocin.
In addition to exporting timber, we have also begun importing exotic and American wood from reliable suppliers. Since then, we have also been supplying timber to Polish furniture, stair, window, door and flooring manufacturers.
Our specialty is dry sawn oak, beech, ash, walnut, wild cherry, maple and alder timber, as well as a variety of exotics, such as teak, sapele, iroko or obeche. We offer different grades in thicknesses ranging from 16mm to 100mm.