As an experienced supplier, we provide sawn timber to large furniture, door, flooring, and stair production plants, as well as smaller carpentry workshops in Poland and many other countries.

We attach a great importance to the production as well as to proper sorting and storage of our lumber.


Wood according to the following standards guarantees very high efficiency during its processing. We offer lumber in lengths from 2.20 m to 5.0

Thickness of lumber
Thickness of a log
16-23 20 - 35
25-32 25 - 40
35-40 35 - 50
40-50 40 - 55 and more
60 and more 50 and more

Wood drying

Especially in the case of oak we conduct long seasoning before kiln drying which provides excellent colour and allows to keep proper structure of the wood. The humidity of our lumber stays under constant control.


Our lumber is stored in a closed, dry and heated warehouse. We preserve our wood with greatest care.


On arrival at our warehouse each load of lumber is being examined for its technical requirements and then sorted according to proper quality classes.


  • Grade A1
    Straight lumber without defects, core and strong mirror on one or both sides. Similar to Q-SA  according to EN 975-1.

  • Grade A
    At least 2.0 m without defects required. Structure of knots and cracks not worse than grade AB.
    The core is not considered in the measurement. Similar to QS-1.

  • Grade Rustic
    Fine, sound knots required. Straight cracks allowed. The core is not considered in the measurement.
    Similar to QS-3.

  • Grade AB
    Structure of knots and cracks allows to cut clean elements from 0.5 m to 1.5 m. Bought commonly
    by chair manufacturers. Similar to QS-2.

  • Grade B
    Knots required. Front cracks and occasional surface cracks as well as core are allowed.

  • Grade C
    As grade B but with no restrictions regarding knots, wormholes and surface cracks.

Unedged American walnut

As well as maple and beech in two quality classes.

  • Grade Prime
    Straight lumber without defects. Sound knots up to 2.5 cm are not taken into consideration.

  • Grade AB furniture
    Structure of wood defects, mainly knots and cracks, allows to cut clean elements from 0.5 m to 1.5 m.

We maintain our stock according to the current needs of our clients. After completion of the deal the product is immediately prepared for shipment or booked for later demand. We recommend personal checks of quality at our warehouse. Our sales department is at your disposal.